BeMSA Ghent

BeMSA Ghent

Origin and history

BeMSA Gent originated from SWISS, a workgroup focusing on the combination of ‘medicine students and abroad’, both at practical level, as well as broader informative and sensitizing. In 2009, medicine students from Ghent (SWISS), Antwerp and Leuven decided to unite, from which the national organization BeMSA (Belgian Medical Students ‘Association) became a member of IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations). Thus giving access to a global network of contacts and unique opportunities. Therefore, as an organization, we decided to join the BeMSA story from the beginning and change our name to BeMSA Gent.

Link to BeMSA and IFMSA

Through the election of national board members and seats in the general meeting we are building on the development of BeMSA’s vision and views. These national positions influence internationally through the presence of BeMSA Gent delegates at international IFMSA meetings.


Due to the many challenges we faced in the past few years, at the beginning of the past academic year, it was decided to take over the structure of IFMSA as BeMSA Gent. A reform was made to a platform with the following 5 pillars (Standing Committees). An overview of the various Standing Committees and the projects they organize are given below:

  1. SCOPE (Standing Committee on Professional Exchange)
  2. SCORE (Standing Committee on Research Exchange)
  3. SCOPH (Standing Committee on Public Health)
  4. SCORP (Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace)
  5. SCORA (Standing Committee on Reproductive Health including HIV / AIDS)

Contact Information

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