BeMSA Kulak

Team 22-23

We are BeMSA KULAK (KULeuven department Kortrijk) ’22-‘23. As enthusiastic medicine and biomedical students, we organize many activities throughout the year such as Kulak 24 uur tegen Kanker, CPR classes and Teddy Bear Hospital.

With this we bring people together to sensitize, inform and activate them. Your social, physical and psychological health is what drives us.

SCORA (Standing Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS)
We are fighting for a world where people are sexually healthy and free, without discrimination and stigma.

  • Sex Education at School (SOS)
    Sexuality classes are organized for highschool students. In a safe environment, various topics are discussed such as puberty, gender identity, contraceptives, sexual relations and STDs.
  • Gender Based Violence (GBV)
    The mission of this new initiative is to inform you about gender-based violence. Through our projects we want to make this topical theme open to discussion as much as possible. We teach you to protect yourself with self-defense lessons and the safe word: 'Where is Laura'. A lecture is also organized in which they inform and raise awareness about sexual violence, spiking and the legal procedure.

SCORP (Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace)
We will fight for an equal and peaceful world. Together with you we go for an inclusive society where there is no place for oppression, inequality, racism and sexism.

  • Mental Health
    Small initiatives demonstrate the importance of mental health. A Mental Health Week will follow in the 2nd semester.
  • Schrijfmarathon
    In collaboration with Amnesty International, the Kulak writes letters for people who are wrongfully imprisoned.
  • Anders Sporten
    We organize a day full of sports and games for people with a mental and physical disability.

SCOPH (Standing Committee on Public Health)
SCOPH's mission is to address specific health issues in our society through events for young and old, yourself and those around you.

  • Heart for Life
    With this initiative we want to make people aware of their cardiovascular risk by measuring their blood pressure and questions about their lifestyle.
  • Teddy Bear Hospital (TBH)
    The Kulak is transformed into a teddy bear hospital. Young children bring their teddy bear and become a real teddy bear doctor. The purpose of this is to allay their fear of doctors and hospitals in a playful way.
  • Kulak 24 uur tegen Kanker (K24K)
    One of the most famous events is without a doubt the Kulak 24 uur tegen Kanker. The whole day money is collected for the Leuven Kankerinstituut. This is possible through all kinds of actions such as the 6-urenloop, Proffen tegen Kanker and Kelder tegen Kanker.

SCOME (Standing Committee on Medical Education)
The aim of SCOME is to train the Kulak medically.

  • Date your Doctor
    Medical students get the opportunity to talk to doctors from different disciplines. As a medical student, this gives you the unique opportunity to get an answer to all your questions.
  • Date your Biomedical Future
    This is the variant for the biomedical students. They can also explore their future options!
  • Restart a Heart Week
    With this week we illustrate the importance of CPR. A CPR testimony, practice sessions and a CPR competition were organized during this week.
Restart a Heart Week
Restart of Heart Week


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