The International IFMSA Experience by An Goethals

Let’s get lost, I know the way! “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”, Einstein once said. Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination, however, will take you anywhere! Imagine being part of a group, a delegation, consisting of all new, inspiring, sweet and enthusiastic compatriots. Imagine a trip across

51st session Commission on Population and Development of the United…

Today, 12/04/2018, BeMSA’s National President, Yasnaïa Bruneel, represented the entire International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations at the 51st session Commission on Population and Development of the United Nations (UN) in New York. As part of a 4 person delegation, she had the opportunity to give a speech presenting our views on migration, sustainable cities and mobility. You may find

IFMSA 67th General Assembly BeMSA Report

We have been working very hard to improve the transparency of all our actions as an organisation in order to show the world what we stand for, how we operate and what kinds of work is done in order to achieve our goals. As you may know, BeMSA recently attended the 67th IFMSA General Assembly

Pre-Exchange Training 2018

On 31/03/2018, SCOPE and SCORE held this year’s Pre-Exchange Training (PET) at the KU Leuven University Gasthuisberg campus. Over 100 medical and biomedical students from all over Belgium had the opportunity not only to learn new skills, but also form relationships with representatives of 7 Flemish and Wallonian universities. The aim of the event was to

The Stigma Challenge 2018

The Stigma Challenge Every year on December 1, the world celebrates  World Aids Day. Unfortunately, this day goes unnoticed to many. Therefore, the Standing Committee On Reproductive Health and AIDS (SCORA) has begun organising ‘ The Stigma Challenge’. The purpose of this action is to break taboo and stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS. The stigma that patients with HIV carry along

The Stigma Challenge – GoFundMe

GoFundMe In a few weeks’ time, BeMSA will launch another edition of The Stigma Challenge! Topics such as sex, sexually transmitted diseases, birth control and enjoyment of sex seem to be becoming more and more accessible for discussion. However, we still have a long way to go. Therefore, The Belgian Medical Student’s Association brings these

Support BeMSA For Free Through Trooper!

Dear all, As you may know all BeMSA Standing Committees organise a series of projects related to: – Human rights – Public health – Sexual and reproductive health – Medical education We do all this, using all means available to us. However, sometimes these may be limited. Therefore, we would like to ask you for

BeMSA Training 25.11.2017

This weekend, our National Officers on Capacity Building (NOCBs) held our first training of the year at the UCL Woluwe university campus. We allowed participants to vote on the topics they would benefit from the most. As a result, the day consisted of a training on Public Speaking and Strategic Planning. Here are some photos

First National General Assembly

On the 7th of October BeMSA had its first National General Assembly of the 2017-2018 academic year in Kasterlee. Our Team of Officials had their first annual meeting on Friday evening, followed by the plenaries, Standing Committee sessions and voting on Saturday. We are very happy to announce our newly elected Wallonian LME, Pauline from

HIFA Partnership

BeMSA – HIFA Partnership BeMSA and the IFMSA have always promoted social justice, universal healthcare, as well as healthcare information for all. We are therefore very happy to announce our newly signed partnership agreement with Healthcare Information For All (HIFA). To find out more about HIFA, please read below or visit their website at Healthcare