#SunnySocks4Docs campaign aims to raise awareness about mental health issues in healthcare workers

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Friday the 7th of June is #SunnySocks4Docs! On this day, we encourage doctors and healthcare workers to wear different colourful socks in order to raise awareness about mental health issues that many healthcare workers are facing in Belgium. Participants are requested to take a picture of their socks at work and post them on social media with the hashtag #SunnySocks4Docs.

In Belgium, 40% of doctors suffer from emotional exhaustion. 6,6% of them are working with a clinical burn-out (KUL & Idewe 2012).

Our goal to raise awareness for mental health-issues in healthcare workers. We want to spark a nationwide discussion on the topic, break the stigma and taboo surrounding it, and let people having a hard time know that that they are not alone.

In the weeks leading up to the campaign, we will be posting teasers, infographics, and facts about mental health on our Facebook and Instagram profiles, so keep an eye on it.

Join us on the 7th of June for #SunnySocks4Docs

#SunnySocks4Docs poster with brief instructions:
1) Wear different and colourful socks
2) Take a photo and share on social media
3) Use the SunnySocks4Docs hashtag and spread the word

Media toolkit

All media materials such as logo’s, posters and banners can be found here.

Do you wish to invite people to join the campaign via email? We’ve got you covered! Find our template here.