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Belgian Medical Students’ Association vzw
Brusselsestraat 246
3000 Leuven

Board Members

PositionsE-mail address
VPM (Vice-President for Members)
VPE (Vice-President for External Affairs)
VPAO (Vice-President for Administration and Organization)
VPF (Vice-President for Finance)
VPPR (Vice-President for Public Relations)
NORE (National Officer on Research Exchange)
NEO (National Exchange Officer)
NORA (National Officer on Sexual and Reproductive Health including HIV/aids)
NPO (National Public Health Officer)
NORP (National Officer on Human Rights and Peace)
LME-Wal (Liaison Officer on Medical Education for Wallonia)
LME-Fla (Liaison Officer on Medical Education for Flanders)
NOCB (National Officer on Capacity Building)

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