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Belgian Medical Students’ Association vzw
Brusselsestraat 246
3000 Leuven

Board Members

PositionsNameE-mail address
PresidentBasiel Weyers
VPM (Vice-President for Members)Vincent Raymaekers
VPE (Vice-President for External Affairs)Thomas Dewaele
VPAO (Vice-President for Administration and Organization)Gaël De Backer
VPF (Vice-President for Finance)Stephanie Delcroix
VPPR (Vice-President for Public Relations)Kevin Baar
NORE (National Officer on Research Exchange)Matthieu Pierre
Sofie Daniels
NEO (National Exchange Officer)Martje Van Neste
Begüm Alkur
NORA (National Officer on Sexual and Reproductive Health including HIV/aids)Eduardo Antonio Brancho Montes de Oca
NPO (National Public Health Officer)An Goethals
NORP (National Officer on Human Rights and Peace)Arizona Binst
LME-Wal (Liaison Officer on Medical Education for Wallonia)Amal Morabet
LME-Fla (Liaison Officer on Medical Education for Flanders)Arno Van Den Broeck
NOCB (National Officer on Capacity Building) Amine Al Faker
Annelien Cordonnier

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