BeMSA Hasselt

In 2011 a couple of enthusiastic and enterprising medical students came together and worked out a plan to establish a BeMSA-division in Hasselt. After presenting their idea to the University of Hasselt, the journey officially started. Since then BeMSA Hasselt has organized multiple projects, and all of them became a yearly tradition.

SCOPH (Standing Committee on Public Health) was the first and most prominent pillar of our BeMSA-division, and still is. Our current projects consist of :

  • ‘Teddy Bear Hospital’ that has 4 projects leaders
  • ‘Date your Doctor’ that has 2 projects leaders
  • ‘Heart for Life’ that has 4 projects leaders

Not only SCOPH has become an important aspect of our local community, but SCORA (Standing Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS) as well. The projects consist of:

  • ‘The Stigma Challenge’
  • Sexual Healing’
  • Sexual education in school that has 2 project leaders.

SCOME (Standing Committee on Medical Education) consists mainly of our Mental Health project that has 3 project leaders.

Since last year BeMSA Hasselt offers medical students to experience an internship abroad. Accordingly, SCORE & SCOPE is now part of our program.

Our board consists of following members:

  • 1 President: Lieve Vande Sande
  • 1 Vice-president: Justine Hardy
  • 1 Secretary: Lisa van Hilst
  • 2 PR’s: Louise Corstjens & Sherin Issa
  • 1 Treasurer: Emile Gielissen
  • 1 LORE: Yorick Demaerschalk
  • 2 LORE assistants: Soumayya El Bakouri & Ermina Bergoets
  • 2 LEO’s: Anouk De Bruyn & Liese Berger
  • 1 LOME: Dina van Engelen

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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