BeMSA Leuven

BeMSA Leuven

Teddy bear hospital

In the meantime, adapted lectures are provided for the parents that fit in with the theme.

Origin and History

BeMSA Leuven first saw the light in 2009 as a workgroup within Medica, the student body for medical and biomedical students at the Catholic University of Leuven. In the coming year these students started the national structure.. Since 2017 we don’t have one workgroup responsible, but a committee consisting of 12 students. BeMSA Leuven stays closely joint with Medica.


Heart for Life
Teddy Bear Hospital
Project Life
We Can Survive

The Stigma Chalenge
SOS – Sexual Education at School.
Gender Based Violence

Red Noseweek
Break the Silence
Human Rights Day

Student congress
Date your Doctor



President: Sarah Maesen –
Vicepresident: Laure-Elise Seghers –
Public Relations: Wies Vangilbergen –
Media: Paulien Schillemans –
Secretary: Sander Verelst –
Treasurer –
Local Officer on Public Health: Elien De Saeger –
Local Officer on Reproductive Health and Aids: Ines Van Heesbeke –
Local Officer on Human Rights and Peace: Amber Devreese –
Local Officer on Medical Educational Activities: Elin Wuyts –
Local Exchange Officers: Robert Pretorius en Marie Keppens –
Local Officers on Research Exchange: Hanne Theys & Tristan Veekmans –
Heart for life –
Teddy Bear Hospital –
Project Life –
The Stigma Challenge –
Sexual Education at School –
Red Noseweek –
Break the Silence –
Human Rights Day-
Student congress –
Date your Doctor –