BeMSA Namur


Founded in 2022, BeMSA Namur is a local committee of BeMSA Belgium, an association of medical students in Belgium, part of IFMSA. Our goal is to propose solidarity activities of prevention and education by medical students, and mainly aimed at other students in the medical field. We joined the BeMSA family this year because we believe that the presence of this association on campus can only be beneficial for all students. After hearing about the amazing projects that other BeMSAs have done, it seemed obvious to us to create our own committee here in Namur to bring together students from all walks of life who share the same passion for medicine.


In our start-up year, we have 2 committees: SCOPH and SCORP. Our SCOPH committee is already working very hard on the HeartforLife project, an awareness-raising activity on cardiovascular diseases, which is already being implemented in many BeMSAs. The SCORP committee will, for example, offer an evening on humanitarian medicine, a conference on non-violent communication and consent, as well as the celebration of Human Rights Day and Down syndrome awareness day. It is also our aim to do voluntary work with Namur associations.