Origin and history

BeMSA UCL was created by motivated students from the UCL in 2015 who liked to join the system and opportunities that the IFSMA and its associations bring. It was the first French speaking university joining BeMSA, thus changing the official language of communication inside the organisation to English.

Link to BeMSA and IFMSA

Through the election of national board members and seats in the general meeting we are building on the development of BeMSA’s vision and views. These national positions influence internationally through the presence of BeMSA UCL delegates at international IFMSA meetings.


Due to its recent creation, BeMSA UCL although being a full member, is yet still growing and adapting to the IFMSA system, incorporating and extending their standing committees and adding as of 2017 also the Standing Committee on Human Right and Peace SCORP. An overview of the various Standing Committees and the projects they organize are given below:

  1. SCOPE (Standing Committee on Professional Exchange)
  2. SCORE (Standing Committee on Research Exchange)
  3. SCOPH (Standing Committee on Public Health)
    • Heart For Life
    • Mental Health Week
  4. SCORA (Standing Committee on Reproductive Health including HIV / AIDS)
    • Sensibilisation Campaign on Social Media
    • Preparations on SOS
  5. SCORP (Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace)


President: president@ucl.bemsa.beEdit