BeMSA ULB is one of the Brussels Local Committees of BeMSA. Our main vision and purpose is to empower medical and biomedical students to become better professionals and better people and we’re here to give them the tools to do just that! 

BeMSA ULB strives to fill in the gaps of our medical and biomedical curriculum, as well as give students the opportunity to become competent, culturally-aware healthcare workers and global health leaders.


BeMSA ULB was founded in 2017, when a group of medical students first had the chance to dive into the IFMSA world and to see the opportunities it can offer.

Standing Committees and Projects


Our Standing Committee on Medical Education is our biggest committee to date. Their main purpose is to capacitate students in theoretical and practical skills that will serve them in the future. 

Projects include: 

  • Suture Workshops 
  • Discovery Day of the General Practitioners’ job in rural Belgium
  • Meet your Doctor
  • ‘How to write a medical file’ Workshop 
  • Medical Language Classes 


Our Standing Committee on Public Health is focused on health and prevention, while giving students the opportunity to learn and practice in the real world. 

Projects include: 

  • Heart For Life 
  • Teddy Bear Hospital 
  • Blood Donations with the Belgian Red Cross
  • Start to Talk


Our Standing Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights including AIDS focuses on breaking the stigma regarding topics like STIs, LGBTQ+ or maternal health and rights. 

Projects include: 

  • World AIDS Day 
  • Pink October 
  • Male Contraception 


Our Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace is focused on creating a better world for those in need, be it students, migrants or health care workers. 

Projects include: 

  • Health and care in penitentiaries
  • Sign Language courses 
  • Clothes and goods donation


Our Standing Committee on Professional Exchanges and our Standing Committee on Research Exchange focus on offering our students and abroad students the opportunity to live an incredible multicultural experience while learning the ins and outs of a different healthcare system. 

Our ULB Students have the chance to participate in a SCOPE exchange program starting with the 3rd year of Medical School and in a SCORE exchange starting with the 1st year of Medical or Biomedical Studies. 

Our incoming students have the chance to participate in internships in different specialties or different laboratories in many of the hospitals of Brussels, as well as enjoy a cultural experience and make friends thanks to our Exchange Team. 

Our Board 2022-2023

President: Ileana Ene

Vice president for External Affairs: Electre Boulet

Vice president for Internal Affairs: Fatima Essaouiri

Treasurer: Stephanie Vaerendonck

LOME: Cedric Roudebush & Ilann Oueslati

LPO: Mehroz Khan & Emma Buttice

LORA: Ana Galego & Celia Airo 

LORP: Obsse Baro Keno Deressa & Pauline Golenvaux

LEO: Anaïs Descoutures & Jacques Mayet

LORE: Noémie Nemry & Maha Bendoumou

PR Officers: Lara Autier & Soufiane Habryka

Visual Team: Roseline Larock & Elodie Masselus

Contact us

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