EMSA Antwerpen

EMSA Antwerp was founded in 2001 by medical students from the university of Antwerp. They were missing the chance to bring their knowledge to their community and to get in touch with medical students from around the world. Therefore, they applied for the local division of EMSA Europe in Antwerp, now known as EMSA Antwerp. Nowadays we are an international student community with more than thirty exciting active members who are responsible for organising a lot of activities for all age groups. We have local based projects but also projects with an international character. A few projects that we do are Teddy Bear Hospital, the international Antwerp Medical Student Congress(AMSC) as well as SOS. Also we are responsible for the yearly symposium at the university where big topics are discussed by leading professors and doctors. Furthermore, we give senior high school students the opportunity to follow workshops in preparation for the entrance exam of medicine, in collaboration with the university of Antwerp. EMSA Antwerp is part of EMSA Europe, but has also a membership of IFMSA/BeMSA, therefore we participate in organising the SCORE/SCOPE-exchange projects.

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