IFMSA 67th General Assembly BeMSA Report

We have been working very hard to improve the transparency of all our actions as an organisation in order to show the world what we stand for, how we operate and what kinds of work is done in order to achieve our goals.

As you may know, BeMSA recently attended the 67th IFMSA General Assembly in Egypt. Our Head of Delegation, as well as Vice-President of External Affairs, Basiel Weyers, has created an extensive report of all activities that our members attended. You can read the full report at the following address:

The aim of the BeMSA GA Report is not only to allow the general public to learn more about us and the IFMSA, but also to showcase the abundance of opportunities within our organisaton.

We therefore invite you to dive into the BeMSA-IFMSA spirit, get motivated and join us in making a change for a better future.

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