The International IFMSA Experience by An Goethals

Let’s get lost, I know the way!

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.", Einstein once said. Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination, however, will take you anywhere!

Imagine being part of a group, a delegation, consisting of all new, inspiring, sweet and enthusiastic compatriots. Imagine a trip across the world… Imagine an event in which you not only meet new people from every corner of our planet but in which you also meet your true self.

The EuRegMe was the first big IFMSA meeting I attended. Situated in the beautiful landscape of Frankenfells, we SCOPHeroes, planned to take over the world.

The world we live in is governed by old, cold men. We as future doctors, however, have the ability to see everything from a different perspective; This unique point of view allows us to make the difference and to have our voice heard in the UN, the WHO and others.

During our morning standing committee sessions, we assessed the global problems that endanger public health and discussed them thoroughly - from climate change to epidemics, to antibacterial resistance, to mental health. In this wonderful, open-minded surrounding no taboo was avoided. By combining our international knowledge and sharing our local actions we made each other grow. The motto of IFMSA is ‘Act locally, think globally’. We as individuals can change the world by small-big-bigger actions! All of them matter!

But beside the really interesting standing committee sessions there was more! The wonderful IFMSA-spirit was everywhere. Together with new friends -some of which I would even dare to call family after only three days, we discovered new fields. We attended theme events on sustainability, kick-box lessons, parties and many many more. And every single second increased the magical feeling I’ve been bearing in my heart ever since, the true IFMSA-spirit.

Now we are back, full of ideas, impatient to share this IFMSA-spirit with you! Please, come to talk to us and open up to this life-changing opportunity - go and discover the world, a brand new world.