Our Strategic Plan – BeMSA Strategy 2022

The current Strategic Plan was adopted at NGA3 of the term 2018-2019 on the 27th of April 2019 in Jette, Brussels, Belgium. It concludes after 3 years, on the same NGA in 2022.

Visibility 🔆

1️⃣ Goal: BeMSA will have established a suiting level of brand awareness under medical students, other healthcare students, policy makers, medical professionals and the general public.


  • Each Local Committee will organize an information-session for medical students at the beginning of every academic year in a standardized fashion but adapted to the situation of each LC.
  • 80% of medical students have heard about BeMSA and can name at least 2 BeMSA activities.
  • BeMSA will be known as an internationally oriented, cultural and socially aware student organization amongst relevant medical students, other healthcare students, medical professionals and external partners.

2️⃣ Goal: BeMSA will have a uniform and professional-looking visual identity and communication across all platforms.


  • The visual identity of BeMSA will be reformed and will be associated with the following values by at least 80% of its members: social, open, professional, young and dynamic.
  • There will be at least bi-weekly updates on the website, Facebook page, Instagram account and Twitter account of BeMSA. The Local Committees will be stimulated to do the same.
  • All communication, both from the national level and the Local Committees, will be carried out according to the visual identity and in a uniform way.
  • Environmentally friendly merchandise materials that are in line with the BeMSA visual identity will be made available to all members.

3️⃣ Goal: BeMSA will have improved its relationships with the universities and faculties where a Local Committee is active


  • Each Local Committee will have a meeting with their respective faculty leadership at the beginning of the academic year where the new board will be introduced and where all activities will be repeated and explained.
  • Each Local Committee will publish a yearly report at the end of the academic year, explaining their activities and accomplishments throughout the term. This report serves to keep the faculties up-to-date on their activities.
  • Reports of major events, such as IFMSA General Assemblies, shall be published and shared with the faculties.
  • At least 50 % of LC’s rate their collaboration with their respective university as ‘good’ or ‘very good’

Capacity 👥

1️⃣ Goal: BeMSA will have a well-established handover process on all levels, contributing to its professionalization and sustainability.


  • Each elected board member of BeMSA, both on the national and local level, will have received adequate handover including at least a manual and a face-to-face meeting and will be satisfied with the process and feel adequately prepared to start their term.
  • 80% of board members will indicate that they feel like they can always get in touch with their predecessor to ask questions or obtain more information.
  • A timeline will be established on all levels, creating deadlines for every step of the handover process and making clear what is expected and when it should be completed to everyone involved.
  • Each board member, both on the national and local level, will have received a training about handover and motivation at the end of the term and before the start of the handover process towards their successor.
  • There will be at least one national ‘BeMSA Handover Café’ organized every term where board members get the chance to connect with their successor and give them the space, time and atmosphere to have a fruitful handover meeting.

2️⃣ Goal: BeMSA will host regular soft-skill trainings and team building events on all levels.


  • A soft-skill training and/or teambuilding event will be organized at every Team of Officials Meeting of the term.
  • Each Local Committee will have one board member that is responsible for organizing soft-skill trainings and/or team building events and will be in regular contact with the National Officer on Capacity Building, requesting all trainings through them.
  • At least three soft-skill trainings and/or two team building events will be organized by every Local Committee during every term.
  • Each Local Committee that is a full member of BeMSA will have at least one active trainer.

3️⃣ Goal: BeMSA will have further professionalized their National General Assemblies, making them one of the biggest and most impactful youth events in Belgium.


  • Each NGA will be attended by at least 100 BeMSA members and enthusiasts.
  • Each Local Committee that is a full member of BeMSA will be represented in all Standing Committee sessions at every NGA.
  • There will be options for new members and experienced members during every NGA.
  • Each NGA will include a social program activity and they will be attended by at least 50% of participants.
  • Each NGA will have sufficient healthy, vegetarian and culturally inclusive food options at all times.
  • Each NGA will be attended by external guests and representatives of our external partners.
  • A promotional video for NGAs will be produced in order to attract more students and promote them towards partners and the general public.

External representation 🤝

1️⃣ Goal: BeMSA will be actively involved in the activities of IFMSA and will play an important role in the decision-making processes within the federation.


  • Every year, a certain budget will be allocated to lower the participation fees for IFMSA meetings and events, improving the accessibility and impartiality for all members.
    • At least €500 will be set aside annually for this purpose.
    • Extensive and easy-to-understand General Assembly reports will be used as a fundraising tool.
  • A standardised set of specific competences needed to attend IFMSA meetings is defined. 80% of BeMSA delegates to IFMSA meetings meet these criteria.

2️⃣ Goal: BeMSA members will be aware of international opportunities within and outside of IFMSA.


  • The BeMSA International Opportunities Facebook group will have reached 1.000 members.
  • Local Committee members will be notified of opportunities tailored to their interest via the respective National and Local Officer of their Standing Committee.
  • At each NGA, 30 minutes will be dedicated for information and Q&A regarding IFMSA and its opportunities.
  • In-depth and easy-to-understand information about IFMSA should be available to every interested member, through the website or the BeMSA Team Drive.
  • At least once per year, members will be informed about IFMSA positions and their relevance to BeMSA.

3️⃣ Goal: BeMSA will take an active stance on various topics in society by advocating for them on multiple levels, all based on specific policy documents that are agreed upon by the members.


  • There will be at least 7 active policy documents on topics that are in line with the vision and mission.
  • There will be at least 10 members contributing actively to the creation of policy documents.
  • The policy drafting and revising procedure is standardized, efficient, defined in the bylaws and clear for everyone involved.
  • The policy documents will have been used to voice the opinion of BeMSA towards externals at least 5 times. Additionally, at least 1 policy-based national advocacy campaign is launched every term.
  • At least two Local Committees report to have benefited from the usage of BeMSA policy documents on a local level.

4️⃣ Goal: BeMSA will collaborate with multiple external organisations that share similar values and/or goals.


  • BeMSA will have established at least 10 external partnerships, with at least one relevant partner per Standing Committee.
  • All partnerships are sustainable, in line with our vision, mission and values and beneficial for both BeMSA and the respective external partner.
  • 40% of partnerships are directly beneficial to individual BeMSA members through capacity building opportunities provided through the partnership.
  • All external partners will be updated about BeMSA activities at least 3 times per term.

5️⃣ Goal: BeMSA members will regularly attend external meetings and report back to BeMSA in a structured way, so that information is retained in a sustainable way.


  • At least 10 different BeMSA members will attend at least 15 external meetings annually.
  • There will be a standardized and efficient way of reporting the activities at external meetings, and at least 75% of attended meetings will have resulted in a report.

National Integrity 🧩

1️⃣ Goal: BeMSA will have clearly established the role of the National Officers as bridge between the local, national and international level.


  • Each National Officer will have at least monthly communication with the respective Local Officer of every Local Committee.
  • Each National Officer will have at least monthly communication with the respective IFMSA Regional Assistant.
  • There will be a complete activity database including all activities that are happening or have happened in the past in every Local Committee, maintained by the National Officers and updated after each NGA.
  • At least 80% of Local Officers rate the collaboration with the respective National Officer as ‘good’ or ‘very good’ and can name at least 3 benefits of working together on a national level.
  • National Officers will provide Local Officers with the skills and knowledge they need to adequately perform their tasks.

2️⃣ Goal: Local Committees[ will have collaborations and will share experiences on a regular basis, helping them to increase the impact and efficiency of their work.


  • There will be at least 5 examples of Local Committees collaborating to organize an activity.
  • The NGAs will provide an opportunity and a platform to forge these collaborations by giving Local Committees the space and time to work on them and share ideas.
  • Local Committees where the faculty only has a Bachelor education in Medicine will collaborate with the respective Local Committee where most of the students will go for their Master education on the topics of human resources, handover and knowledge.
  • Local Committees will have shared a manual for every activity with all other Local Committees via the sharing folders.

3️⃣ Goal: BeMSA will regularly check if activities are still relevant and aligned with the current societal issues and needs. If not, adjustments should be made accordingly.


  • An impact assessment and evaluation will be carried out for every activity organized in a standardized fashion and will be shared with the national level and Local Committees.
  • National Officers, in collaboration with the respective Local Officer, will further define the target group of each activity and will develop a way to reach them in a more efficient way, improving the impact of the activity.

4️⃣ Goal: BeMSA will have an adequate mental health watch system in place, in order to make sure all board members are feeling well and are pleased with their work in BeMSA.


  • A mental health team, consisting of interested members or alumni, will be established and tasked with checking in with the mental health status of the Team of Officials every month.
  • A buddy system will be introduced on the local level, coupling two local board members with a similar task from two different Local Committees and allowing them to share experiences and challenges they might be facing.

Finances 💶

1️⃣ Goal: BeMSA will have established an improvement in financial stability, allowing an increase in impact of our activities.


  • Each Local Committee will have a budget of at least €500 from external parties annually, on top of their own capital.
  • For at least 50% of activities and for all NGAs, external subsidies will be requested from the corresponding municipality, province, community or federal government.
  • For every activity organized, a subsidy file will be drawn up by the respective local board member or National Officer. A template for this file will have been developed by the Vice-President for Finance.
  • Sponsorship prospectuses, explaining the activities and benefits of sponsoring BeMSA to potential sponsors, will be established on the national level and in every Local Committee and will be regularly updated.
  • The yearly IFMSA membership fee will be covered by the national level, having relieved this burden from the Local Committees and allowing them to spend this money on their activities.

2️⃣ Goal: BeMSA will have improved the financial knowledge of members.


  • Financial guidelines will be made available and will be easy to find for all Local Committees and the national board members.
  • Each local treasurer will have attended a workshop about finances organized by the Vice-President for Finance.
  • Each National Officer, Local Officer and project manager indicate that they are aware of the importance of public relations and publicity for obtaining sponsorships and can name at least 3 specific actions they have taken towards improving it.

3️⃣ Goal: BeMSA will have improved their financial transparency towards members and externals.


  • At least 80% of our members will indicate that our financial transparency has improved over recent years.
  • Every month, an updated overview of the accounting will be uploaded in the Drive. This file is updated by local treasurers and the Vice-President for Finance.
  • For every activity with specific sponsors, an overview of the expenses for that activity will be sent to the sponsors after completion of the event, as a way of reporting back to them.