Children admitted to hospital are often in pain, bored and scared. To mitigate the negative emotions they might associate with their hospital stay we developed Berendokter. 

Small groups of medical students visit paediatric hospital wards. They bring interactive games related to medical procedures. We aim to familiarise the children with basic medical procedures while removing their attention from the situation they are in. 

Children get to discover the science to which they are subjected. We hope to give them courage and improve the memories associated with the hospital. 

For students this is an opportunity to train their communication with children, a difficult yet nevertheless important group of patients.


No child fears a hospital environment or interaction with healthcare workers.


After Berendoktor children feel less negative about their hospital stay. They are more informed about medical procedures and their goals. 

Our impact

Last year we visited 3 hospitals with the Berendokter project. 
147 children participated and 66 students volunteered.

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