The Red Cross manages blood donation in Belgium. However with the COVID-19 pandemic and an ageing population the blood supply has become more unpredictable. With Bloedserieus we want to lower the barrier for students to donate by hosting blood collections on campus. 

Every semester we build blood donation centres on different campuses to reach as many students as possible. The centres are built by volunteering students in crowded areas on campus. The donation specific material and personnel are provided by the Red cross.

Students are encouraged to take an online quiz to see whether they are eligible for donation. Afterwards they can book an appointment online, the tool provided by the Red Cross checks for past donations. To encourage donation students receive an elaborate, student specific goodie bag. 

For many students the donation has become a ritual, students unions show support by going with their board. We foster this attitude by creating a cosy atmosphere in the post donation room. People can stay here for a drink and a snack to up their sugar level after donation.


The Flemish Red Cross experiences no shortness of blood.


Students are motivated to donate blood twice a year, providing the Red Cross with a steady and varied supply of blood. Students supplement the ageing donor pool.

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