In Belgium it takes 10 minutes on average for an ambulance to arrive. Despite this remarkably fast response a lot can happen in those 10 minutes. Reanimation and propper first aid can be life saving. Knowledge and confidence are central, by refreshing skills regularly people are more likely to actually perform first aid in real life situations. 

With the EHBO projects small groups of medical students visit schools in the Antwerp area to teach basic first aid and reanimation. To ensure the class is interactive and accessible the 18 year olds can practise on specialised equipment. We hope to transform the youngsters from disaster tourists to useful helpers in emergencies. 

For medical students this is a unique opportunity to train their communicative skills and refresh their technical abilities.

By capacitating these youngsters we hope that some are motivated to further expand their knowledge with organisations like the red cross.  


All 18 year olds can reanimate and provide basic first aid.


All 18 year olds are capable of performing reanimation and first aid. They practised these skills thoroughly and feel confident using them. 

Our impact

Last year we organised the EHBO project in 2 schools

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