A healthy lifestyle is tremendously important, the foundations for this should be laid during childhood. An unhealthy diet or suboptimal physical activity can cause important complications later in life. Unhealthy habits are often formed during childhood. 

However a healthy lifestyle is expensive and time consuming. For families with financial struggles or more pressing issues on their mind, healthy food and physical activity gets a lower priority. With our projects we want to bridge this gap.

Throughout the year medical students visit elementary schools in Ghent to teach children about health in an interactive and accessible way. The project covers several topics ranging from healthy eating and exercise to dental hygiene and sleeping habits.

We target schools in more disadvantaged areas to reach those children most at risk of developing unhealthy habits. To keep the children engaged we translated the health classes to interactive games. We teach healthy eating through a cooking class, children can take these skills home.   

For students this is a unique opportunity to train their communicative skills with an emphasis on prevention and speaking about healthy lifestyle. Preventative medicine and communicating with children are difficult yet nonetheless important skills. 

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All young children have a healthy lifestyle.


All young children know the pillars of a healthy lifestyle. They can recognize healthy food, reach at least the minimum of physical activity every day and have good oral hygiene. 

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