Sexual Education in Schools (SOS)


Sexual education at school is a volunteer project, initiated by BeMSA and supported by ICRH and Sensoa. With this initiative, we want to give adolescents access to reliable information about sexuality, relationships, contraception and STD prevention.

In an airy educational way, we try to give the youngsters the ability to make informed and individual decisions about their body and health. In addition, we want to break some existing myths about these topics.

The SOS project is a form of peer education in which young people are supported to bring about a health-promoting behavioural change with other young people. This leads to a lower threshold for talking about sensitive subjects.

How to participate?

Does this project interest you?
Are you open minded and can you talk about sexuality without shame? Do you see yourself as a motivated training worker and would you like to help us with our project?
So be sure to attend our training weekends!
Contact your LORA , our National Project Coordinator or our NORA.




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