The Stigma Challenge


The Stigma Challenge

Every year on December 1, the world celebrates  World Aids Day. Unfortunately, this day goes unnoticed to many. Therefore, the Standing Committee On Reproductive Health and AIDS (SCORA) has begun organising ' The Stigma Challenge'. The purpose of this action is to break taboo and stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS. The stigma that patients with HIV carry along each day is partly caused by ignorance, but mainly because of the lack of accurate information in our society. Our aim is to change this.

The Stigma Challenge is a festival organised within several of our Local Committees. In this instructive and airy way we try to inform young people and to make it possible to make decisions about their body and health.

Watch the aftermath below and sniff up the atmosphere of The Stigma Challenge 2015 (Gent):

The Stigma Challenge Leuven

On the 27th of March 2018, BeMSA Leuven will discuss the themes of sex and sexuality on the Stigma Challenge, which will take place at the Hogeschoolplein in Leuven.

You get the chance – free and in all discretion – to talk to the famous sexologists Wim Slabbinck (to see in ‘Blind getrouwd’) and Kaat Bollen (to hear on MNM and to read in Blik,Flair, Story en TvFamilie ). We also offer fun and interesting games about STDs, sexuality and everything to do with sex!

Combine this with delicious snacks, tasty drinks and live music by
Vince Seys 17u-18u (
The Devilles 18u30-19u30 (
NovaScotia 20u15-21u30 (

We hope to see you all there!

Do not forget to invite your friends too!

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The Stigma Challenge Gent

On March 27th, the third edition of The Stigma Challenge Gent will take
place. We will hold this event in NEST. This edition we put focus on the
topic sexuality and migration. During the event we will explore this topic
through interactive games, information stands of organizations who work in
this field and lectures by researchers and health professionals.

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