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The Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace unites Belgian students who strive to create an equal and peaceful world, and believe in international, intercultural as well as interpersonal solidarity. We in SCORP work for a fairer and more inclusive society, against all forms of oppression, inequalities, racism and sexism – in Belgium and in the world.

How exactly does this work?

Local BeMSA committees at Belgian universities can organize their own SCORP-related projects. Each project has their own goals, often adapted to the local needs, while keeping in mind the general idea of SCORP. In the future, there is also the possibility to organize SCORP projects on a national level. Below, you can find a small overview of SCORP-related projects that are being organized in Belgium.

How can you get involved?

You can find out which SCORP-related projects are being organized in your local BeMSA committee below. If you would like to have some more information, you can head to their website (which you can find in the toolbar above) or contact their Local Officer on Human Rights and Peace (LORP), which you can find below. If you want some more information about SCORP on the national level, you can also find the contact information of the National Officer on Human Rights and Peace (NORP) below.


Within the IFMSA, the Standing Committee on Refugees was formed in 1983, aiming to call attention to the problems faced by the displaced population and participate in relief efforts. The committee members soon realized that these efforts were merely palliative, whereas a sustainable solution would have to address the root of the problem – violence, conflicts and human rights violations. In 1995, the committee changed name to Standing Committee on Refugees and Peace, and finally in 2005 it became the SCORP that we know today, Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace.

Within BeMSA however, SCORP is still making its first steps, which is why we need YOU to get involved!

SCORP-related projects in Belgium

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