Team of Officials

Zoë Verloo

president ad-interim

Maxim Khalenkow

Vice-president for international affairs

Marike Dewulf

vice-president for public relations

Saul De Clippeleir

vice-president for organisation and administration ad-interim

Keanu Knauf

vice-president for finance ad-interim

Zoë Verloo

vice-president for members

Maria-Imane Badadwi

national professional exchange officer

Eduard van Beeck

National officer on research exchange

Ismat Pardi

national officer on research exchange

Nastasia Popowycz

national officer on medical education

Lina Johri

National officer on human rights and peace

Michiel Kellens

National officer on capacity building

Ileana Ene

National officer on public health

Saul De Clippeleir

National officer on reproductive health and rights